April 2015: Aaron & Jeremie visit Maine, Part 2


Peter and I had been very eager to explore Popham Beach State Park for awhile so it was fun to share that first visit with our friends. I love Maine beaches in the off season, I feel the emptiness makes them even more beautiful and they don’t remind me of any of the beaches I grew up going to. Knowing this, I still wasn’t prepared for Popham. Months later, it is still my favorite beach. <319-aaron-jeremie-apr2015

Jeremie, being adorable as usual.
Favorite new photo of Aaron.
Favorite new photo of Aaron.22-aaron-jeremie-apr2015
Isn’t it beautiful? Alien planet.24-aaron-jeremie-apr201525-aaron-jeremie-apr201526-aaron-jeremie-apr201527-aaron-jeremie-apr201528-aaron-jeremie-apr201529-aaron-jeremie-apr2015
In love with those mustard yellow hues.
In love with those mustard yellow hues.31-aaron-jeremie-apr201532-aaron-jeremie-apr201533-aaron-jeremie-apr2015
Fort Popham
Fort Popham35-aaron-jeremie-apr201536-aaron-jeremie-apr201537-aaron-jeremie-apr2015

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