Reid State Park with Jill

First of all, it feels so good to blog again! I used to apologize for taking long breaks between posts, but there is no need. I’ll post when I can and that is all there is to it. Honestly, what actually overwhelms me is having to backtrack. I have to try to remember information/details for something that happened months or even a year ago, but once I get into it — I really enjoy reminiscing about those places, people, and everything else…

Even so, I’m taking it easier today by posting about a lovely winter walk we took with an incredibly sweet and new friend, Jill Hoyle (check out her work!), from early February of this year. She lives in Phippsburg so it was a no brainer to go hang at Reid State Park. One of Peter and I’s favorite places in Maine. Jill also brought along her two springer spaniels, Odin and Winslow, who were super fun. I’ve never hung out with spaniels before and was amazed at how much energy they have! Apologies in advance because I think about 90% of the photos are of them which is surprising because they move so quickly that I’m not sure how I got so many photos of them.

Thanks Jill for the fun day! We’ll definitely be having more adventures this year <3

Fighting over the same stick 🙂
This dog. Model status.
Beaches in the fall and winter are my favorite..

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