Aaron and Katie Visit, Part 3

Post L.L.Bean Discovery School’s kayaking course.

I would love to go back in time now and finish the series of when Aaron and Katie came to visit… We started our last day in Freeport to take a kayaking class together. I don’t really have photos from this because I had my phone in a waterproof bag. That, and I was busy being terrified for the first half of the class. I am proud that I made myself do it, but as someone who doesn’t know how to swim, this took a lot out of me. I would love to get comfortable kayaking, but being on the ocean (even if it was a bay) wasn’t the best for the first time. Everyone else did great of course and I enjoyed seeing them paddle by me. They made it enjoyable for me and we passed by a huge osprey nest!

Popham Beach really resonated with Aaron from the last time he visited so afterwards we decided to go back and share it with Katie too. This time we got to enjoy the remaining summer weather, dip our feet in the water, and explore a bit more. Since most families were getting ready to go back to school which meant vacation time was mostly over, we were able to enjoy an almost empty beach again. I’m telling you, there is something magical about going to beaches when they are empty. I was never a beach person growing up and going to them in Maine has changed that. Off season beaches also means that our dog can join us!

It’s always wonderful to have Aaron here and we got to know Katie better too! Thanks for being great guests and for falling in love with Maine too. We hope to see you both again soon! <3

Gelato break.
Favorite thing to stare at when I’m here.

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