April 2015: Aaron & Jeremie visit Maine, Part 3

Portland Head Light
Portland Head Light

There’s so much more to catch up from this year, but I’m glad I got to divide these photos into three parts – it was nice remembering all the things we did back in April. Aaron and Jeremie were our first guests (that weren’t Peter’s parents) to come up to Maine and visit us – it meant so much to me. 2015 has really been a solid year of seeing some of our closest friends. Peter and I were already prepared to see our favorite people a lot less often than we hoped. Well, they proved us wrong! Seeing how it is November already and Thanksgiving is quickly approaching… I must say that I feel truly happy and thankful to have such wonderful people in my life. Thank you for making 2015 a great one.

As for friends who haven’t made it over to Maine yet – we look forward to it! Just tell us when! And as much as we miss our friends, it has been so awesome to meet more wonderful folks here in Maine. It has helped us settle in easier and establish those roots we need to make. After all, Maine is home.39-aaron-jeremie-apr201540-aaron-jeremie-apr201541-aaron-jeremie-apr201542-aaron-jeremie-apr2015

Goddard Mansion, part of Fort Williams Park.
Goddard Mansion, part of Fort Williams Park.44-aaron-jeremie-apr201545-aaron-jeremie-apr201546-aaron-jeremie-apr201547-aaron-jeremie-apr201548-aaron-jeremie-apr201549-aaron-jeremie-apr201550-aaron-jeremie-apr201551-aaron-jeremie-apr201552-aaron-jeremie-apr201553-aaron-jeremie-apr201554-aaron-jeremie-apr2015
Always ending long walks with tacos. Taco Trio is the best.
Always ending long walks with tacos. Taco Trio is the best.
Ferry bound for Peak's Island.
Ferry bound for Peak’s Island.57-aaron-jeremie-apr201558-aaron-jeremie-apr201559-aaron-jeremie-apr201560-aaron-jeremie-apr201561-aaron-jeremie-apr2015
Caught grammin' ;)
Caught grammin’ 😉63-aaron-jeremie-apr201564-aaron-jeremie-apr2015

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