The Start of Summer


In all honesty, summer last year was a blur. I promised not to make all my posts about my diagnosis and anxiety, but they were the main reasons why I didn’t update this blog or felt like editing any photos for so long. There was a lot going on which I needed to deal with first. It feels great to finally put these posts up because I love seeing through my photos that I did do other things, that I still had fun, and that I made it through. It’s proof that life goes on and you can’t let things get in the way of your happiness. We were also fortunate to have so many visitors to our home last year, they gave us something to look forward to and kept me out of my head. I’m excited for more visitors this year and to do some traveling ourselves as well!


These photos really do feel like the start of summer. Peter’s oldest friend, Jeremy, came up to visit with his girlfriend (now wife), Brianne. Peter has been really happy because Jeremy used to live in Washington and then moved to Massachusetts last year, so we plan to see them more often! To me, nothing signals the arrival of summer more than the smell of smoke on Peter’s clothes. I know that sounds weird, but hear me out, haha! It’s all I smell when I hug him because he’s been grilling outside. Maybe that’s why I love campfires so much too. We grill as often as we can once the weather warms up. It’s the best!02-startofsummer2015

My favorite part was when Peter’s dad brought him fishing rods so he can start fly fishing again. Peter used to do it briefly when he was younger. I don’t know anything about it, but I was fascinated when his dad was giving him advice and a refresher course. I might not fish with Peter, but I’m excited to go explore streams and rivers with him all over Maine this year.

The plants have moved around so much since then.
The plants have moved around so much since then.
Can't wait to grill again...very soon, I feel it.
Can’t wait to grill again…very soon, I feel it.07-startofsummer201508-startofsummer201509-startofsummer2015
The clinch knot, if I'm remembering correctly.
The clinch knot, if I’m remembering correctly.
Practicing in the backyard.
Practicing in the backyard.12-startofsummer2015
Valentine is into it.
Valentine is into it.05-startofsummer201506-startofsummer201514-startofsummer2015

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