Aaron and Katie Visit, Part 2


This was the first time we spent time in the White Mountains and it was wonderful to share it with Aaron and Katie (August 29th, 2015). I haven’t looked at the photos since last September and didn’t realize that I hadn’t taken that many varied shots. All our jaws basically dropped when we arrived at the summit of Mount Willard and I couldn’t stop taking photos of that view so I apologize in advance, haha. I try to avoid most upward hikes because of my asthma, but thanks to health insurance (yay), I finally get to push myself a little bit more on these trips. This hike is moderate in my opinion because it is rocky for a couple of stretches and it gets hard on your feet really quickly if you’re not used to it plus it’s on a constant upward slope. However, if you don’t take multiple breathers (like me), it’s a relatively short hike. Actually, even with multiple breather breaks, it’s still a short hike and going back down is always fun! Peter and I are excited to hike it again with the fall foliage. Soon!02-aaronkatiepart204-aaronkatiepart220-aaronkatiepart205-aaronkatiepart216-aaronkatiepart215-aaronkatiepart206-aaronkatiepart208-aaronkatiepart209-aaronkatiepart210-aaronkatiepart212-aaronkatiepart211-aaronkatiepart217-aaronkatiepart213-aaronkatiepart214-aaronkatiepart219-aaronkatiepart228-aaronkatiepart221-aaronkatiepart223-aaronkatiepart224-aaronkatiepart225-aaronkatiepart226-aaronkatiepart227-aaronkatiepart2

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